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PhD Position at UCM on electrode materials for Potassium ion Batteries

Published: 24th November 2022

Open: till the position is filled

Job Description: Potassium Ion Batteries based on abundant and sustainable electrode and electrolyte materials offer an opportunity to replace lithium ion batteries in large scale applications. However, making potassium ion batteries work efficiently is still a challenge.

Would you like to contribute to this development? Would you like to synthesise improved sustainable materials through novel energy efficient routes? Are you interested in investigating the mechanisms of reaction and failure of electrode materials in potassium ion batteries? You will have the opportunity to become an expert in the multidisciplinary field of batteries, and gain experience in the use of electrochemical characterization as well as other advanced characterization techniques such as in-operando Powder X-ray diffraction or Transmission Electron Microscopy.

A two and a half years contract is offered to carry out a PhD in this area within the context of SPIRIT an ERA-NET funded European program in collaboration with other research centres in Spain, Germany and Israel. Funding is provided by the Spanish National Agency and the European Union. A highly motivated PhD candidate is needed to carry out this task. A Degree in Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics or related áreas is compulsory. A master degree is preferred.

The research will be performed at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, under the supervision of Elizabeth Castillo Martínez. For further details contact

Lab Technician at UCM, Madrid, Spain

Published: 24th November 2022

Open: till the position is filled

Job Description: 

A part time (2/3) two and a half years contract is offered to for a technician to work in SPIRIT, an ERA-NET funded European collaborative program between Spain, Germany and Israel. An experienced technician is seeked to manage the laboratory maintenance (equipment, chemicals, residues) and help with administrative tasks. For further details contact

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