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SPIRIT team comprises 1 university, 3 research centers, and 1 SME to develop the next generation of energy storage devices, a solid-state Potassium-ion battery (TRL4) based on safe, sustainable, and cost-competitive anode, cathode, and novel polymer electrolyte materials.

Meet The Team

SPIRIT´s Principal Investigators

SPIRIT´s Reseach team


Prof. Jesús Prado Gonjal

Microwave synthesis specialist at UCM

Daniel Jardon.jpg

Dr. Daniel Jardón Alvarez

ssNMR expert at WIS

Marianella Hernández Santana.jpg

Dr. Marianella Hernández

Polymer specialist at ICTP-CSIC

Prof. David Ávila Brande

Electron Microscopy specialist at UCM

Raquel Verdejo.jpg

Dr. Raquel Verdejo

Polymer Physicist specialist at ICTP-CSIC

M.A. López-Manchado.jpg

Prof. Miguel A. López Manchado

Polymer Composite expert at ICTP-CSIC

SPIRIT´s PhD, Master and Undergraduate Students

Positions available

We are always open to hosting enthusiastic students to join one of our research laboratories and supporting them in applying for PhD scholarships.

Moreover there might be some open positions now if listed below:

Partner Institutions

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EU Funding Agencies

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