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Juan Andrés

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Juan Andres-2.jpeg

This is Juan Andrés Nieto Simón. I have been always interested in science and investigation. My love for Chemistry started when I was in high school and, since then, I have been trying hard to become a chemist. For that reason, I studied Chemistry in “Universidad de Córdoba” in Spain, and I got my degree in 2021. There, for my Final Degree Project, I studied the conductivity of some cations through LiFePO4 and that was when I started to have interest for electrochemistry. Due to that, I moved to Madrid to study a Master called “Ciencia y Tecnología Químicas” in “Universidad Complutense de Madrid”, where I learnt so much about nanomaterials and nanochemistry and I had the opportunity to focus more on the study and characterization of new hollandite-type materials used as electrodes in potassium-ion batteries (KIBs). As my interest in electrochemistry was growing, I decided to apply for a position in the same department where I developed my Final Master Project, and I got a job under the supervision of Dr. Elizabeth Castillo Martínez. Now, I have been working with her team for 3 months and I am continuing my work in developing new hollandite-type materials for their use as electrodes in KIBs.

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