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Jinyu Chen


Jinyu photo.jpg

Hello, I am Jinyu Chen from China. I got my bachelor degree with the dissertation of NiSe2 electrode for sodium storage properties in China in 2020. Then I moved to South Korea to study my master degree. I graduated from the Department of Nano Convergence Engineering, Jeonbuk National University. My master dissertation is A study on transition metal-based electrode materials for hydrogen evolution reaction and supercapacitor applications.

After these works were completed, I found I am still interested in the research of energy storage and conversion. So, this is the main reason why I chose to apply for a position in KIT-HIU and the SPIRIT M-ERA.Net and BMBF project. I am thankful to be able to continue to study electrochemistry under the supervision of Dr. Zarrabeitia, Maider. My deep interest is working on novel materials for energy applications to address some energy crises. This is the perfect opportunity to explore all my skills and learn on the global platform.

Besides works, I like playing the bamboo flute, skying, doing mountainbike, swimming and cooking in my spare time.

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