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Solid state Potassium-Ion batteRIes
for safe and sus
Tainable energy storage

The solid-state batteries developed within SPIRIT would find applications in large-scale energy storage coupled to the production of renewables in sun or wind farms, light electromobility, and medium and small size, remote, off-grid energy storage. The societal and economic impact is expected to be substantive, eliminating the need for hazardous (Pb, LiPF6, flammable solvents) and critical raw materials (Co, Li, graphite) from our widespread energy storage devices and creating a sustainable European battery technology. This will enable safer and more affordable energy storage devices (SDG7) that help transition towards a zero-carbon emission energy future in the EU.

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A holistic approach

SPIRIT´s team is gathering to make Sustainable Potassium ion batteries work. 
​UCM and KIT teams are focused on electrode materials, CSIC and KIT will tackle the quasi-solid electrolyte aided by

Understanding battery performance is the target of all research teams. From the structural and microstructural transformations of battery electrodes to the understanding of the solid electrolyte interfaces via XPS or ssNMR (WIS team).


Why Solid State Potassium Ion Batteries?

  • Potassium is 1000 times more abundant than Lithium

  • Fast K+ diffusion in the electrolytes

  • Safer quasi solid state batteries

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